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Diveju myužu nivīns nadzeivuos. (LFK 1209, 444)

The project "The Network of Nordic-Baltic Tradition Archives (Nordic Culture Point)" is funded by the Nordic Culture Point — the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme.

Implementation period: from 01.02.2016 to 30.10.2018.

Leading partner: Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art (University of Latvia), researcher Sanita Reinsone

Project partners:

Lietuviu Literaturos ir Tautosakos Institutas / Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore — Lithuania

Eesti Rahvaluule Arhiiv, Eesti Kirjandusmuuseum / Estonian Folklore Archives, Estonian Literary Museum — Estonia

Norsk etnologisk gransking / Norsk Folkemuseum — Norway

Finnish Folklore Archives / Finnish Literature Society — Finland

Institutet för språk och folkminnen, Göteborg, Uppsala / Institute for Language and Folklore, Göteborg, Uppsala — Sweden

The Network includes also the following institutions:

Norsk Folkeminnesamling, Universitetet I Oslo / Norwegian Folklore Archives, University of Oslo — Nowary

Sámi Arkiiva/ The Sámi Archives — Norway

Dansk Folkemindesamling, Det Kongelige Bibliotek / Danish Folklore Archives, The Royal Library — Danmark

Nordiska museet — Sweden

Folklife Archives, Lund University — Sweden

SLS Arkiv, Svenska litteratursällskapet I Finland / The Society of Swedish Literature in Finland — Finland

Thjodminjasafn Islands / National Museum of Iceland — Iceland

The composition of the Network might be slightly changed or expanded depending on the situation within the three upcoming years.

Short description:

The Network of the Nordic-Baltic Tradition Archives (NBTA), first established at the end of 2014, introduced the productive links among the similar institutions in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The further development of the network will foster the closer cooperation, the joint initiatives and sharing the best practices between the tradition archives that hold vast and valuable testimonies of the richness of cultural traditions and everyday life within the region and beyond.

The Network is intended (1) to create a sustainable forum for discussions and exchange of information and specific knowledge across the tradition archives in the Nordic-Baltic region and beyond; (2) to carry out the joint initiatives in order to launch the cooperation in practice; to find solutions of relevant issues and to promote coherent development of the tradition archives, especially in terms of digitizing, (3) to maintain the close cooperation with pan-European and worldwide organisations dealing with the intangible cultural heritage, especially the materials of traditional culture.

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