Venue: The National Library of Latvia (Mūkusalas street 3, Riga)

Arrival and registration
Lobby, Floor 1
Opening session, chair: Rita Treija
Hall D, Floor -1
11.40–11.50 Welcome and opening remarks: Dace Bula (Director of the Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art, University of Latvia)
11.50–12.45 Keynote paper: Lauri Harvilahti (Finland). New Orientation for Cultural Archives in the Digital Era.
12.50–13.45 Keynote paper: Christoph Schmitt (Germany). Reconstructing Folklore Archives the Digital Way. Added Values and Epistemic Discrepancies
Session 1, Hall A, Floor -1
Chair: Susanne Österlund-Pötzsch
Session 2, Hall B, Floor -1
Chair: Yrsa Lindqvist
14.45–15.10 Ave Goršič (Estonia). 'Towards' Digital Folkloristics — Dreams and Reality of a Soviet Era Folklore Archive Liina Saarlo (Estonia). Through the Community Portal to Digitally Hidden Folklore
15.10–15.35 Gertraud Koch (Germany). New Memory Modalities — Exploring the Internet for Participatory Memory Work Marino Jaén Espinosa (Panama). “Chepo Cultura y Tradición”, an Approach to a Grassroots, Folklore-based, Social Network Community in Panama
15.35–16.00 Sanita Reinsone (Latvia). Folklore is Appealing! Crowdsourcing Practices of Tradition Archives
Coffee break
Lobby, Floor -1
Session 3, Hall A, Floor -1
Chair: Audun Kjus
Session 4, Hall B, Floor -1
Chair: Kirsi Hänninen
16.20–16.45 Aldis Pūtelis (Latvia). Metadata: the Difference between Ornamental and Fundamental Rūta Žarskienė, Austė Nakienė (Lithuania). Lithuanian Folklore Archives and Digital “Reality”: Today’s Challenges
16.45–17.10 Katalin Vargha (Hungary). Towards a Digital Archive of Hungarian Riddles Rósa Þorsteinsdóttir (Iceland). Old Lore for a New World: Icelandic Folklore in Open Access
17.10–17.35 Svetlana Amosova (Russia). From the Field into the Digital Archive: Database of the Jewish Oral History and Folklore Yanina Hrynevich, Yuri Vnukovich, Iryna Vasiljeva (Belarus). The Creation of Digital Archive of Belarusian Folklore
Guided tour at the Archives of Latvian Folklore, Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art, University of Latvia (Aldis Pūtelis)

Reception. Restaurant TROMPETE (Peldu street 24, Riga)
Musical performance by traditional music group TAUTUMEITAS


Venue: The National Library of Latvia (Mūkusalas street 3, Riga)

Keynote session, chair:
Lauri Harvilahti
Hall D, Floor -1
10.00–10.55 Keynote paper: Trevor J. Blank (USA). On the Lasting Impressions of Ephemeral Folk Culture in Online Contexts As keynote speech by Trevor J. Blank is cancelled, we kindly invite to the workshop that will take place at the same time
Session 5, Hall A, Floor -1
Chair: Aldis Pūtelis
Session 6, Hall B, Floor -1
Chair: Gertraud Koch
11.00–11.25 Liisi Laineste (Estonia). Globalisation and Localisation of Internet Memes Gearóid Ó Cleircín, Conchúr Mag Eacháin, Brian Ó Raghallaigh, Anna Bale (Ireland). Meitheal Dú A Crowdsourced Folklore Transcription Project
11.25–11.50 Daria Radchenko (Russia). “Hop-Hey-La-La-Bubbles, Dollar’s Sold For 55 60 70 Rubles”: Financial Crisis in Internet Folklore Kirsi Hänninen (Finland). Practices of Participation in Digital Community Archives
11.50–12.15 Indra Čekstere (Latvia). The Benefits and Problems of Digitization by Traditional Bread Baking Symbols Research Yuriy Aydarov, Yulia Shkuratok (Russia). Geographic Information System for Folkloristics Crowdsourcing
Coffee break
Lobby, Floor -1
Session 7, Hall A, Floor -1
Chair: Rita Treija
Session 8, Hall B, Floor -1
Chair: Rūta Žarskienė
12.35–13.00 Anita Vaivade (Latvia). UNESCO Ethical Principles for Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage: Respecting Sensitivities Elīna Gailīte, Digne Ūdre (Latvia). Towards an Open Folklore Archives: Challenges and Opportunities
13.00–13.25 Samantha Lutz (Germany). Sustainability and Culture. Diverging Concepts and Practices of Heritage Work in the Digital Age Yoko Kumanoya-Nakagawa (Japan). A Scheme of a Synthetic Digital Archive of Folklore Expedition Records
13.25–13.50 Risto Järv (Estonia). Transforming Estonian Folk Calendar into a Web Edition: Challenges and Solutions Maryna Chernyavska (Canada). Describing Cultural Heritage: Subject Metadata in Folklore Archives
13.50–14.15 Trausti Dagsson (Iceland). Geographical mapping of Sagnagrunnur, a database of published Icelandic legends
Session 9, Hall A, Floor -1
Chair: Austė Nakienė
Session 10, Hall B, Floor -1 Chair: Ave Goršič
15.15–15.40 Mari Sarv (Estonia). Use of Computational Methods in the Research of Estonian Folksongs Mihaela Nubert, Radu Toader (Romania). Aspects of an Experience in a Multimedia Archive
15.40–16.05 Gediminas Karoblis, Egil Bakka (Norway), Georgiana Gore (France). Choreomundus — Researching and Educating Traditional Dances as Intangible Cultural Heritage Olga Ivashkevitch (Estonia). Climbing the Ladder over the Digital Wall
16.05–16.30 Simon Poole (UK). An Argument for Making Constitutional Patriotism Practically Possible through the Acceptance of the Personal Experience Narrative as a Folkloric Form Natalia Dusacova (Russia). Old Believers in the North-Western Black Sea Region: Database on Texts and Practices
Closing remarks by Lauri Harvilahti and Sanita Reinsone. Final discussion (Hall A, Floor -1)


Guided tour in Āgenskalns district of Riga
Meeting of the SIEF Working Group on Archives
Meeting of the Network of Nordic and Baltic Tradition Archives