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Pieliec pats roku, tad darbs veiksies un būs maize. (LFK 1279, 2179)

"Pētījuma poētika" 16. oktobrī

Pētījuma poētika

16. oktobrī plkst. 15.00 Latviešu folkloras krātuves lasītavā semināru ciklā "Pētījuma poētika" viesosies pētnieki no Norvēģijas un Zviedrijas – Auduns Kjuss (Audun Kjus) un Frediks Skots (Fredrik Skott) ar priekšlasījumu "Collection and dissemination: digital archival strategies". Semināra moderatore būs Rita Treija.

Semināra anotācija: Digital technology is opening new possibilities for tradition archives, both for disseminating old materials and for collecting new documentation. Fredrik Skott and Audun Kjus have been leading the development projects www.sprakochfolkminnen.se/sagenkartan, matkult.se and minner.no. They will share experiences and insights from these projects (both success and failure) and discuss pros and cons of different digitalisation strategies.

Audun Kjus works as senior curator of the cultural archives Norwegian Ethnological Research (NEG) at The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History (Norsk Folkemuseum). He graduated with a degree in folklore studies at the University of Oslo in 2000 and defended his doctoral dissertation in cultural history in 2007. The dissertation was an ethnography of contemporary criminal trials, titled Stories at Trial. His research topics have included the history of death and burial, the history of capital punishment and the history of folkloristic fieldwork.

Fredrik Skott works as research archivist at The Institute for Language and Folklore, Gothenburg. He is also docent (associate professor) in Nordic Folklore at Åbo Academy, Finland. He defended his doctoral dissertation at the University of Gothenburg in 2008. It was titled The Popular Memory. Folklore Collecting in Theory and Practice, 1919–1964. He has since done research on rituals, folk beliefs, digital humanities and disciplinary history.

Seminārs tiek organizēts ar projekta "The Network of Nordic and Baltic Tradition Archives" atbalstu (Nordic Culture Point — the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme)

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